Watch them belt out the hits with their BFF James.


Following in the pop promo tradition, the 1D boys drive around Los Angeles belting tunes with James Corden.

They might be on break now, but the promotional campaign for One Direction’s fifth album is still in full swing. The fun continued tonight with their Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke finally airing two weeks after initial filming.

Highlights include:

■ Niall revealing he would marry Selena Gomez (!)
■ Harry hitting some impressive high notes.
■ An impromptu in-car music video shoot for fan favourite ‘No Control’.
■ An actually quite good rap verse from James Corden.
■ Live renditions of classics like Story of My Life and Best Song Ever.

1D also discuss the good and bad sides of fame, what their plans are for the break and whether or not James should be allowed to join the band.

Fans who attended the initial filming back on December 3, noted that the band also covered the Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” so look out for additional footage to potentially surface in the coming weeks.