Niall and Harry describe the songs in an intimate sit-down interview.

One Direction Preview Two New 'Made In The A.M.' Tracks

Everyone’s had a grungy night out.

Most don’t relive those moments through a mega pop record, but most aren’t One Direction.

During a sit-down chat to describe songs off the forthcoming record, Made In The A.M., out Nov. 13, Niall Horan and Harry Styles describe two new songs, “Temporary Fix” and “Walking In The Wind.”

Of the former, Horan says the song takes a bit of inspiration from Kings of Leon’s “*** On Fire” then details its meaning.

“They asked me what we didn’t have, and I basically said we don’t have a rock song,” he said. “Something about ‘*** on Fire’ came into our heads, talking about how it’s a love song but it’s got bit of dirt to it, it’s got a bit of grit to it. So it’s basically just about being in a bar and some guy is chewing the ear off you, he’s got a few drinks in him, and you can tell by her body language that she doesn’t want to be there. So you come over and chat to her. Then the chorus is about, ‘I can be your temporary fix, we don’t have to call it anything.’ I think it’s relatable I guess, everyone has a grungy night out now and then.”

Harry Styles describes “Walking In The Wind,” a laid-back track about the carelessness of love.

“I’m a big Paul Simon fan, and I think the inspiration behind it was Graceland and the way in which the verse is so conversational and informal. It’s not like melody, melody, melody, melody, it’s like spoken word, and it kind of drifts and peaks and drops. It’s quite casual. I love that album, and when I listen to it I love hearing the influence from that in this song. And it’s cool to be able to, obviously not copy, but influences that you’ve loved for so long….I really like this song. I think it’s a nice one.”

Listen below: