See Drag Me Down live and hear Louis talk about fatherhood. Sorta.


Fresh off the global success of Drag Me Down, 1D took to GMAs Central Park stage to perform some hits.

The One Direction promo machine is gearing up again.

In case you live under a rock, the band took over the worldwide charts a few days ago, with their surprise single Drag Me Down reaching #1 on iTunes in 86 countries, and now they’re beginning to promote it.

Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall sat down with GMA for a quick pre-performance interview and that pesky little scandal that’s been hanging over their heads for a while now (no, not THAT one, the other one) was finally addressed…vaguely:

Interview overview:

– All is well with Zayn.
– Drag Me Down is a mega hit.
– Single was a surprise drop because they’ve never done that before (except when they surprise released Fireproof last year but, hey, that wasn’t a single)
– Album will take inspiration from older artists like The Police, and is diverse in sound.
– Louis is congratulated on his impending fatherhood. “Thank you. It’s a very exciting time” is the response.
Action1D, the band’s latest charity campaign, is talked about.

Aaaaand, of course, the performances:

Drag Me Down

Story Of My Life

Steal My Girl

Fans who attended the concert reported that 1D performed No Control, but the performance won’t air till later today. It was also announced the band will briefly appear on The View today, too.