One Direction Channel Ed Sheeran and Oasis On New Album

April 28, 2015 By Jessica

Liam Payne teases what’s to come from the band’s fifth album.

One Direction Channel Ed Sheeran and Oasis On New Album

He may have joked about their being “a man down” in his Capital FM interview yesterday, but One Direction’s Liam Payne says the band’s new album is coming along nicely.

In what may come as a surprise to people who still hear the chorus to What Makes You Beautiful in their heads whenever One D is brought up, Payne says the band’s fifth album will be taking musical cues from 90s rock.

“The albums coming together really well actually. The boys we’ve been writing with have come up with some great, great songs that are kind of like a bit Oasis-y almost which is ace”

Oasis are, of course, the band behind one of the most iconic rock songs of all time, Wonderwall.

It’s easy to picture 1D sounding this way, considering the band has long ditched the teeny pop sound they established themselves with, and has since incorporated a distinct rock element to their music since 2013’s Midnight Memories.

Billboard magazine recently compiled a list of pop songs not released as singles, but should’ve been. Among them, was Little Black Dress, one of One Direction’s most straightforward rock songs so far:

Billboard said of the track:

Seriously, listen to this song and wrap your head around the fact that the Strokes haven’t made a rock song this good over the past decade.

Their most distinguished rock moment so far was undoubtedly last year when they shared a stage with legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, for a performance of their song Where Do Broken Hearts Go:

1D are also planning on channelling a longtime friend and collaborator, Ed Sheeran. Payne says Sheeran’s sound is one of longevity, something the band is hoping to create for this album, too.

“The songs have come out a bit more chill because I think we want this to be quite a long-lasting album that you can listen to anytime. You like how Ed Sheeran’s album, anytime you can thrown on an Ed song and it can always make sense. We’re trying to do that.”

One Direction have worked with Sheeran in the past, most famously on the UK #1 single Little Things:

And more recently on FOUR album track, 18:

The band have been documenting their songwriting process on social media since the beginning of April, posting a number of behind the scenes peeks at their current work in progress:

Another great day writing today!! Same again tomorrow !!

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Writing me and Neil !!

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And for any slowly recovering Zayn fans out there, the 22-year-old appears to be enjoying his post 1D life. Amid rumours of a future in acting, Malik will be attending the premiere of UK movie/musical Bend It Like Beckham:

Dare I say that after a rather bleak start to 2015, things seem to be turning out okay for the little boy band that could?