What was once Infinity is now…


You and me, got a whole lotta…HISTORY.

Day 1 of 1D’s break and they’re already back at work.

Less than 24 hours after their final X Factor performance (more specifically, their strongly rumoured final act as a Simon Cowell client) before their roughly 18 month break from touring, the One Direction boys are not quite done with their latest album, yet.

On November 26, Liam Payne originally confirmed Infinity would be the band’s next single from Made In The A.M.

However, today it’s now been announced their third single will in fact be History:

History was much more well received by fans than Infinity, which many felt was too slow and didn’t utilise each singer enough. History has long been a favourite of the band, particularly Payne who compared it to Toy Story’s famous theme song You Got A Friend In Me. Toy Story 4 theme song, anyone? 1D talked about what the song means to them back in November:

History is also unique in that it features vocals from fans themselves:

Imagine being on your fave’s new single!

One question remains though: what happens to the Infinity music video they shot?

Would you rather see the filmed Infinity video or a History music video?