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They’re baaaack!

1D’s first show of their new world tour, On The Road Again, kicks off in Sydney, Australia in just a few hours from now!

The first leg of the tour takes place entirely in Australia, with the lads moving the second leg to Asia by the end of February. For the remainder of the year, they’ll also tour South Africa, the Middle East, North America before concluding in Europe by the end of October.

Let’s hope they’re well rested and ready to kill it for the next eight months!

The boys all touched down in Sydney a few days ago and have been posting cute rehearsal pics on their various social media accounts, while their official twitter has been sending Directioners into a frenzy with some animated gif countdowns.

If you couldn’t make it to the show for some reason, a kind Directioner has set up a livestream from the fourth row of the stadium, available here.

And it wouldn’t be a week on Twitter without some 1D themed trending topics, would it? This is what the worldwide trends looked like at the time of posting:

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 3.48.12 pm

Will YOU be attending the On The Road Again tour this year?