Going down to Ceasar’s Palace where Kevin is shooting his video. Maybe I’ll get a chance to run into him or Britney. Cross your fingers!

update: July 30, 2006. 1:53 am

OK. Please let me tell you about my exciting day at Ceasar’s Palace trying to find Britney and or K-fed. It started out where we looked in the dumbest places ever first. Then, we went to PURE, where his music video is being taped tonight, and asked a security guard any inside information. He told us to check back in 2 hours.
We went to the mail desk to maybe ask them if they could deliver my letter I wrote for Britney. They can’t as A. She requested no mail or flowers be delivered to her room (ugh) and B. It is a liability. SO I checked baby gap and all the random stores asking employees if she’s been seen. Of course she hasn’t. I went to PURE again to see if Kevin Federline was there. I was told he’d be back in a bit. I tried more tricks, even heard the balloon man knew Britney’s exact hotel number (as he made a balloon for Sean Preston). But he left.
Long story short, I came back about an hour later to try and deliver my letter again, with all hope gone, and guess who I run into. Big Mike, Britney’s old security guard (who doesn’t like pictures haha), who is currently a part of Kevin’s entourage. He listened to my situation, and how I loved Britney (and Kevin) a lot, and wanted to deliver my letter to Kevin, so he could maybe relay it to Britney. I explained to him about the website (and he was diggin it) and told me he’d go in and first thing he’d do was deliver the letter to Kevin. He walks out 30 seconds later and says Kevin got it! Now… odds are Kevin won’t get it to Britney, but Kevin read my letter, and that is damn awesome, so maybe he will check the site out on Sundays when he’s done myspacing.
Anyway, sorry for my long rant, it’s just stuff like this never happens to me, and it meant a lot to me that Kevin got the letter. Moving on up.

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