Omg Stopppp Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Are Reportedly Engaged

June 11, 2018 By Jordan Miller

And I can’t even get a guy to text me back.


After a month of dating, Ariana Grande and actor Pete Davidson are reportedly engaged.

And I can’t even get a guy to text me back WTF.



Us Weekly broke the news. They claim the two are tying the knot, but aren’t in a rush to do so. OH SO NOW THEY’RE NOT IN A RUSH? K…

“They are a perfect fit. They are not rushing to get married,” one insider tells them. “Their friends are really excited and supportive.”

A second source tells the mag they “were telling people that they’re engaged” at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party in Los Angeles this past weekend.

“They are both constantly making each other laugh,” the first source says. “Their moms have met. They’ve been very public with their relationship on social media, and they are very in love.”



A THIRD source (because legit no one could believe this) tells the mag, “They are looking forward to a very long engagement together.”

What other shenanigans have the two been up to? Davidson got two Ariana-inspired tattoos and the pair have been gushing about each other on social media for weeks.

I’m not going to go into how fast this is and list out the many reasons this will probably go down in flames because I recognize I’m jaded. So, um, yeah, well wishes!





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