Dissecting Britney’s latest hair color…

Britney’s apparently going through a hard time because she likes changing up her hair color, this according to CafeMom (I know, right?).

“Wasn’t it just blond? And didn’t Brit just dye her hair red a couple months ago? And then a couple months before that, wasn’t she platinum blond? Now she’s got something in between, and it’s kind of like the hair equivalent of a mid-life crisis!”

“If you buy into the Britney Spears Hair Color Emotional State Theory, then you know that when Britney’s feeling up on life, she goes blond, and when she’s feeling pessimistic or low, she goes darker. But what about when she does both?… It’s dark brown with those blond streaks. You could say she’s conflicted.”

Or… you could say she wants to rock the latest hair trend for her 11 Piece Of Me shows this leg.

Nonsense… waiting for them to conjure up an article about Brit Brit performing with a ring on her ring finger though.