Olly Murs kicks off his next studio album with a brilliant pop tune titled “You Don’t Know Love.”


UPDATE // JULY 15: Olly Murs’ new music video for the heartbreak anthem “You Don’t Know Love” premiered today (July 15). In the Charles Mehling-directed clip, Murs tries to pick himself up after a wild weekend in Las Vegas. When he finally readies to cruise back home and face the music, his vintage car breaks down and leaves the pop star stranded in the desert heat. All he’s left with are the painful memories of his ex, the lies and how it feels when love dies (dies dies).



Olly Murs kicks off his next studio album with a brilliant pop tune titled “You Don’t Know Love.”

Murs teased his song earlier in the week through a low quality Instagram post, so when I heard it second-hand from his iPhone, I wasn’t convinced. The studio version is an entirely different animal.

The mid-tempo tune is co-written by Steve Robson (Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts The Most”), Camille Purcell (Little Mix’s “Black Magic”) and Wayne Hector (One Direction). It features an anthemic chorus while ’80s vibe production jingles around it.

Murs drew inspiration for the song from his breakup with ex-girlfriend Francesca Thomas.

“I haven’t spoken to her about my music but I’m sure she’ll be predicting that there will be something about her,” Olly said to The Sun about the song.

“You realise a lot when you come out of a relationship after three years. There are times when you have negative views about your ex but there were times when I caused arguments or I caused fights for no reason. I still miss having a girlfriend. I still miss having someone around. I don’t mind going on dates but they’re not my cup of tea,” Olly added. “I just want to focus on the album and the music and what will be, will be.”

Listen below:

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