That was then, this is now.


That was then, this is now.

We’re a few short weeks from Olly Murs’s new studio album 24 Hrs dropping (Nov. 18), so to gear up for the release he’s dropping another dance-worthy cut onto the net. The radio-friendly song is titled “Back Around,” and maintains the “upbeat” and “feel-good rhythm” he aimed for on previously released tracks “You Don’t Know Love” and “Grow Up.”

24 Hrs is “full of all these fun, bouncy, funky tunes, but there are these other little pockets of credible, different, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that’ moments,” Murs tells iNews of his new album.

The X Factor runner-up says the inspiration behind the record came from his split with ex-girlfriend, Francesca Thomas last September, which can be heard in “Back Around.”

“Funny how you never quite realize that you already have paradise til it’s gone, all the way, out of your life,” Murs sings over a high-energy beat. “Looking in the mirror, don’t know myself. Nothing makes sense, this feels like hell. I let you down, down and out, never thought twice.”


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