Olly Murs And Demi Lovato Team “Up”

November 20, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Olly Murs And Demi Lovato Team "Up"

Move over Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, there’s a new guy-girl group making way.

Olly Murs’ song with Demi Lovato titled “Up” off his upcoming album is a fun song to bounce along to, but the meaning isn’t as precocious. The “Never Been Better” track details the woes of love, and boy oh boy can it be troublesome. Just ask Demi:

“I never meant to break your heart / And I won’t let this plane go down / I never meant to make you cry / I’ll do what it take to make this fly.”

“I love his music and I think he’s super talented, and the song specifically is kind of different from what I normally do,” Demi Lovato told Capital FM of Olly Murs.

As for the song, “It’s kind of got this folky, country vibe. It’s super catchy, I love it,” she added. “He’s the sweetest guy in the world and I’m excited I got to work with him, he’s got good energy.”

Listen below: