Olly Murs’s Handles Heartbreak In New Album ’24 HRS’: Listen

November 11, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Olly Murs gets over the one that got away in his new album.


Olly Murs gets over the one that got away in his new album 24 HRS.

Murs says his record is “full of all these fun, bouncy, funky tunes, but there are these other little pockets of credible, different, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that’ moments.”

Those moments shine when Murs is venting over his fallen relationship with ex-girlfriend Francesca Thomas. Nearly every song off the 16-track album touches on the subject.

In the lead single, “You Don’t Know Love,” Murs masks his anger behind a chirpy chorus and upbeat production, but the sentiment remains. In the electro-tinged album title track, Murs is restless. “Thanks for finally letting me know that you’re letting me go,” he sings. “Back Around” is filled with regret, soft oohs and brash guitars: “I know I said I never, but I know I let you down.”

The pain seeps through the darkest corners in “Love You More.” “If you could see me now from the inside out / You’d see the wreckage of a man trying to find a way out,” he croons to an uplifting ’80s-inspired beat. And whatever is leftover spills into the stripped ballad “Flaws,” the perfect depiction of 24 HRS: “On the surface I’m all smiles / But I’m only living half a lie.”

It’s not all hum-drum wallowing, however. Songs like “Deeper” and “Read My Mind” go left-field for Murs, commanding attention away from sorrow and into the bedroom.

Murs let us see his rock bottom, but the music? It soars.

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