I seriously need a crystal ball cause I’m calling this **** left and right! Did that sound cocky? OK cool.

According to the NY Post, the relationship between OK! magazine and the Spears family A.K.A. Jamie is no more now that Kent Brownridge, a former employee of Rolling Stone, is in charge – making crucial budget cuts in an effort to save the tabloid money.

“Brownridge, a veteran of Rolling Stone, tightened OK!’s purse strings and severed the magazine’s relation ship with the Spears clan. Before his arrival, the Spears family sold OK! ex clusives on everything from Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy to Britney’s first photo shoot with her kids. Now Jamie Spears refuses to work with OK!, and the mag has banned its staff from Spears events.”

A rep for OK! denied any schism:


“We always follow the Spears – in fact, Britney is on our current cover, and we’ll continue running stories about them. We need them, and they need us, and we both know it.”

Instead of blaming it on “budget cuts,” they should speak the truth and say the relation$hip went sour due to working with Jaime.

One by one his little army is falling apart. Where’s the popcorn?!

Image: x17online.com

Let’s see how long it takes for Jamie’s deals with Entertainment Tonight and commissioner Reva Goetz to disappear…

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