OK! Magazine: Justin To The Rescue

July 24, 2008 By Jordan Miller

I hate going to the grocery store to pick up these tabloids. I literally only went to get this magazine, and ended up spending 20 bucks on useless crap like cookies, ice cream, and some weird flavor of Bubbleyum. Damn them.

Anyway, here’s the new issue of OK! that claims Britney & Justin are recording a duet together. Apparently the song they are working together on is crafted by Justin’s ***** Timbaland, and will be the first single released. BOO. Nobody needs Justin to “save” Britney. I was excited about this, but not if it’s her first friggin single! I OBJECT! “Justin has been a huge supporter of Britney at the label,” a source at Jive Records tells OK! Ha, except when he trashed her in his music videos, public appearances, and magazines. Click the picture below to read the entire article.