Britney is featured as the main cover story on this week’s issue of OK! magazine, in which the mag claims Britney “voluntarily” gave up time with her kids in order to tour.

“Last fall, as The circus Starring Britney Spears tour was being organized, Britney’s camp discovered that because of the star’s troubled history, they could not purchase insurance to cover her tour unless she was still under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears. Until that point, the plan was for the conservatorship to be lifted on December 31, followed immediately by Britney, 27, going into family court with a petition to regain custody of Preston and Jayden. But “the insurance situation changed everything.”

So they’re trying to make us believe the only reason the conservatorship, in which her father is receiving upwards of $16,000 a month (as well as millions in lawyer fees and the $200,000 she owes her brother Bryan), was made permanent is due to INSURANCE for a tour??? Just doesn’t add up.

And on top of that, they say she “voluntarily” chose her TOUR over her KIDS? I’ll bet you a million bucks if a paparazzo on the street asked Britney that question, she’d undoubtedly choose her children! Ha, as if she’s allowed to speak to them.

The article also features a very lengthy interview from Britney’s former manager Johnny Wright.

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