Here is the latest from “OK! magazine strives to bring out the best in stars, but that task became increasingly difficult when we tried to complete an exclusive shoot and interview with Britney last week. While OK! retained the most talented crew to showcase the pop star in the most flattering light, her erratic behavior and unwieldy demands made our job impossible. OK! brings you the real facts behind the aborted shoot and interview. We also share our hopes that Britney will soon find herself back on track. ”

In an effort to save Sarah Ivens’ job by stirring up controversy, she issues another statement about Britney’s OK! Mag shoot: “It was like a cry for help really, it wasn’t normal.” Ivens continues saying “We were all devastated. It was a tough decision to run with the story. We’re really hoping that it will provide a wakeup call for her and for the people around her.”

OK! Magazine forgot to mention the cease and desist order they got from Brit’s lawyers to stop publication of the new photoshoot. Convenient.

ps – officially, I can say the new issue has no new Britney photoshoot pictures / interview. Will have scans coming up soon. Send the photos / interview to People Magazine, Brit!

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