OK! Desperate For Britney’s Baby Pictures

November 8, 2005 By Jordan Miller

OK! goes easy on Spears

It’s been almost two months since Britney Spears gave birth to her son and we still haven’t seen any photos of him. What’s wrong with this picture? Britney has never been camera shy and often flaunts her private life for the paparazzi. When she married Kevin Federline just over a year ago, official pictures were published in People magazine just a few days later. But Spears is proving to be much more protective of her child than she is of herself. Baby Federline’s name has never even been officially announced, though the public has come to know him as Sean Preston. Recently, thumbnails of a set of pictures of Britney, Kevin and the baby surfaced on a number of fan and gossip sites (including the Bosh). Spears threatened legal action against anyone using the images as she claimed they had been stolen. Since then, Sean has been out of the spotlight.
Struggling tabloid, OK! has been desperate for the original stolen photos. At this point, publishing the first pictures of Britney’s baby would guarantee high sales for the magazine. According to the New York Daily News, OK! has even been pandering to the pop star in the hopes that she may give up her precious pics for a price. A recent issue of the magazine had planned to do a story on Kevin Federline’s bad behavior. An insider said, “We started out making Kevin look like a real ***. Britney’s people were not happy with the angle, so the story was changed a bit to reflect a happier married life. The tone became softer, the focus changed. It’s ridiculous! We let up on Kevin a whole hell of a lot. It’s just to stay in Brit’s graces to maybe one day get those f-ing baby pics.”

(By Kate Lanahan)

Source: TheBosh.com