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Official: Britney and Charlie Ebersol Break Up

Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol called it quits.

After deleting all of their pictures together on Instagram, a confirmation of the split hit the Internet on Monday. Britney and Charlie dated for eight months, but no one knew there was trouble in paradise until this past weekend when Britney traveled back home to Kentwood, Louisiana sans Charlie. She then posted a taunting photo of her and an LSU college footballer named Harris Beall with the caption, “Nothing like Louisiana boys.”

Last night, Britney posted several photos of the moon. And while we don’t have any reason to believe that has to do with the split, it is a bit ominous.

The guy Britney posted a photo with Tweeted “Oops I think I’m in love” on Monday, but made his account private since.

If we could give any advice to Britney, it would be stay single for awhile and not jump into a new relationship.