Amongst a myriad of television and music’s hottest celebrities including DJ Paul and Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia, Motorhead, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Powerman 5000, Shadows Fall, CW Network star Enrico Colatoni and more, Kevin “K-Fed” Federline described his experience as “a little bit crazy.”

“I felt like I was going to get ******* tackled the minute I walked into this mother fucker,” said Hollywood’s bad boy. “This is wrestling, baby; anything goes.”

With his new album being released on Halloween, K-Fed admitted that though he used to watch back in the day, he’s too busy to watch television now. Between RAW, SmackDown and ECW, Federline said he doesn’t “play favorites,” but was excited to be introduced to the WWE Superstars and the realm of sports-entertainment. Click the picture below to access the entire set of pictures in the gallery.

Kevin Federline hosts Five Star Clothing Party at Kitson Men in Hollywood California. October 11, 2006.

Credit: Wire Image

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