October 01 – Britney Leaving Peninsula Hotel

October 1, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Britney was photographed just hours after losing temporary custody to her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Photogs caught Britney tanning at Epitome in Bel Air followed by a trip to the swanky Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills tonight, in her car with Sam Lutfi.

TMZ is reporting that Britney lost temporary custody because of her not following through with the agreements that the judge ordered last week:
“Spears was ordered to meet with a drug counselor — she didn’t do it.
Spears was ordered to submit to drug testing — she didn’t do it.
Spears was ordered to enroll in parenting classes — didn’t do it.
Spears was also required to sign the judge’s order — again, she didn’t.

And last Friday, Commissioner Gordon prohibited both Spears and K-Fed from driving the children unless they had a valid California driver’s license. Gordon was upset today when TMZ posted video of Spears cavalierly driving her kids around Malibu.”

Glad to see she’s smiling amidst all of this. Maybe she knows something we don’t know?