Observer And Guardian’s Top 10 Singles of the year:

1: Milkshake by Kelis ‘Thanks!’ says Kelis when OMM tells her that her fantastically suggestive record is our Single of the Year. But on the question of what her ‘milkshake’ might actually be, she is less effusive. ‘It means whatever people want it to; it was just a word we came up with on a whim, but then the song took on a life of its own.’ That it certainly did, her frothy vocal the cherry on top of that outstandingly strange and catchy Neptunes production.

2: ‘Take Your Mama’, Scissor Sisters
Where the party really started…

3: ‘Dry Your Eyes’, The Streets
In one single… your life changes

4: ‘**** It’, Eamon
Worthy biggest-seller of 2004

5: ‘Take Me Out’, Franz Ferdinand
Snappy dressers; snappy song

6: ‘FU Right Back’, Frankee
Hell hath no fury etc

7: ‘Toxic’, Britney Spears
Suddenly, we fell in love again

8: ‘The Show’, Girls Aloud
Brassy pop with staying-power

9: ‘Everybody’s changing’, Keane
Their one truly great song

10: ‘1980’, Estelle
So fresh it made us all feel old

NME’s Top 10 Singles Of The Year:

1. The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now
2. Frans Ferdinand – Take Me Out
3. The Streets – Dry Your Eyes
4. J-Zee – 99 Problems
5. The Killers – Mr Brightside
6. Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama
7. Eminem – Mosh
8. Razorlight – Golden Touch
9. Britney Spears – Toxic
10. Bloc Party – Little Thoughts


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