Britney and her fellow X Factor judges hosted a party in Beverly Hills to celebrate the Top 12 X Factor contestants, as previously reported by

Check out the photos of Brit from the event in XRAY:

Check out a video of Britney’s arrival plus interviews:

Photogs caught Britney and Jason arriving to the finalists party in Beverly Hills:

When asked by if she’d take on season 3 of The X Factor as a judge, she replied: “Yes, I definitely will!”

Britney and Demi posed with several Fox execs:

Britney and Mario Lopez talked to Extra.

Mario playfully suggested, “If she performs she should do it with that big snake that she did with the MTV video music awards,” adding, “I’ll be one of her backup dancers.”

Spears laughed in response. “And a tiger, and an elephant as well! I think Mario would be a great backup dancer. Maybe he could have like a rip-away and then have a thong underneath. That would be really cool.”

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