Uh oh, new dude in town. I remember the first time I saw K-fed I thought “this guy won’t last” and well… According to the never trust-worthy Life & Style via X17, Britney “instantly fell for Michael Marchand”, an actor employed by the restaurant as a waiter. Since then, the mag reports that “they’re always texting each other” – and that they’ve had at least one date at Britney’s mansion. The two were spotted over at Mirabelle. Everyone always assumes Britney is dating a guy she is just chillin out with. Sam was there last night, too! Story developing. November 20, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

November 20 - Britney Hangs Out With A New Mystery Man

Source: x17online.com

ps – She ran through another freaking red light… Well I would too if the paps were on my ***, ya know?

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