Britney is seen here doing some quick shopping in the city of sin with Alli and Sam before they headed home from Vegas to LA. Splash is reporting that Britney visited the Minoli Plastic Surgery Clinic & Spa for “smart lipo.” If I remember correctly, this is the procedure that is the non-invasive form of lipo by blasting fat cells. Britney had this procedure done back in April before her House of Blues shows. I mean… do you remember her body during those shows? It was sick. She reportedly paid $12,000 for it, and the doctor who performed the procedure said Britney did great: “She had local anesthesia first to numb the area. She was awake the entire time, asking questions and acting pretty normal.” Blonde hair, toned body = promotion??? The trio headed back to LA soon after. November 11, 2007. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

November 11 - Britney Does A Little Shopping Before Leaving Las Vegas


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