Nothing Really Matters: Demos From Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ Era Surface

July 27, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Demos recorded during the Ray Of Light era have hit the Internet.


Demos recorded during the Ray Of Light era have hit the Internet.



Madonna is no stranger to her unfinished work hitting the net. Rebel Heart hemorrhaged onto the worldwide web months before it was slated to officially premiere. But alas, we live in the digital age, and Madonna is a material girl. Her work from the late ’90s remained hidden under lock and key for two decades until now, so that in itself is an incredible feat.

Ray Of Light is considered Madonna’s magnum opus, so this is a pretty big deal.



According to a description on YouTube where users can stream clips of the demos (unfortunately, I cannot embed it due to copyright. I know. Don’t hate me), the songs originally sounded like a cut from the Bedtime Stories and Something To Remember cloth. She originally teamed up with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, but the album took new shape when she began collaborating with producer William Orbit.

“Some of the songs were scrapped off the final album and never released, while one (‘Has To Be’) was used as a bonus track in international territories and others (‘Frozen,’ ‘Sky Fits Heaven,’ and ‘Nothing Really Matters’) were reworked into the final versions we know and love,” they write. “It’s fascinating to hear these songs twenty years later and see a window into what could have been on the Ray Of Light album.”

The demos include “Be Careful,” “Frozen,” “Has To Be,” “I’ll Be Gone,” “Never Love A Stranger,” “Nothing Really Matters,” “Sky Fits Heaven” and “You’ll Stay.” They reportedly were stripped from this CD sold supposedly sold for thousands of dollars.

Merry Madonnamas!



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