Pop star Britney Spears is taking her Kabbalah lessons seriously — she has had a Hebrew symbol tattooed on the back of her neck, according to showbiz website Teen Hollywood.

Ananova.com reports that the superstar has dabbled with the mystical offshoot of Judaism after being introduced to it by her friend Madonna.

Her new Hebrew symbol, which represents the “power of healing”, is one of two new tattoos Britney has had inked on.

Showbiz website Teen Hollywood said the other is a personal symbol of her love for her new husband Kevin Federline.

Britney said: “I have pink dice on my left wrist. It’s something me and my husband did together. He has blue dice, I have pink dice.”

Kabbalah’s most famous devotees are Madonna and movie director hubby Guy Ritchie. thanks britneychile.com

This isnt actually that new, as Britney showed it to us when she premiered Everytime to the UK on trl

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