A blind item about Britney retiring is making the rounds. I literally can’t.

From Blind Gossip:

This performer has been under the white-hot glare of the celebrity spotlight for many years, and is currently involved in some big projects.

It will probably shock her fans to learn that she is getting out of the business. That’s right! We have exclusively learned that she will fulfill her next two major professional commitments, sock away all the money she is making… and then bow out of the spotlight! She is done with the whole celebrity life!

Do we know what she will be doing during her “retirement”? You bet! We have learned that there are three things that she is going to do:

First, she is going to travel. Overseas, and away from the paparazzi. She is planning to spend a considerable amount of time in London and in The Middle East (especially Egypt).

Secondly, she is also going to be building a house. She was going to build one in London and move there “permanently”, but concerns about the UK paparazzi halted her plans. So, she is going to be building a a spectacular home in the U.S. instead. Surprisingly, she is really getting involved in the whole design and building process. We know the location, but giving it would make it too easy to identify her, so we will just tell you that it is not on one of the coasts and not in a major city.

Finally, she is planning to officially commit to her Significant Other, and pop out two babies.. Yes, two. She would like to have twins, but if that doesn’t happen, she wants to have two babies in two years. Then she will consider her family complete.

Yes, she’ll still be busy. But it is still shocking to think of someone so famous walking away from it all at such a young age.


I’m down for whatever makes her happy. We’ll miss ya, Brit!