I would hide my face in shame, too.

Hollywood.tv is reporting that Britney and the enabler and user Adnan Ghalib have now moved from Palm Desert to Santa Barbara:

“The couple were spotted Sunday afternoon leaving Starbucks, Santa Barbara. I guess it’s the coffee that Britney just can’t kick. There was no press (other than him) and the couple went unnoticed by the public. Well, almost unnoticed. Adnan wore a black shirt and Britney a tan top. Adnan gently kissed her on the cheek then the pair drove away in a silver pearl Lincoln Town Car.”

DISGUSTING!!! Don’t let him put his money grubbing lips on you, Britney! He is not good for you, I wish you could see it!

Adnan: if you really cared for Britney, you would let her be around people that are safe and in an atmosphere where can she can heal. You are nothing but an abuser, and the whole world can see it.

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