Has the aincent prophet and seer, Nostradamus, predicted the death of Britney Spears? Michael McClellan wrote the book, “Nostradamus and the Final Age” where he analyzes all of Nostradamus’s predictions that have yet to come true. In one of the quatrains the prophet talked about an “enigmatic strangled blonde supreme” who he refers to as “Modena.” At first look experts thought the quatrain referred to superstar Madonna and the rest of the lines concerning a conspiracy of two men around her plotting her death.
Skeptics of this prophecy and many other Nostradamus predictions have raised the question, “why didn’t he just say Madonna instead of Modena?”
Although you must remember Nostradamus was very vague with his predictions and in quatrains referring to World War Two he called Hitler “Hister.” Also, if he had just heard in his vision the name “Madonna” its very easy to spell wrong and if you sound out “Modena” in a certain way it sounds very much like he was attempting to spell “Madonna.”
Some have even claimed the prophecy has been fulfilled by Madonna’s recent horseback riding accident although she hasn’t been strangled nor has she symbolically, “kicked the bucket.” But as skeptics and believers alike look back on McClellans book and the passage where Nostradamus preditcts the death of “Modena” they see Nostradamus could be talking about any blonde supreme out there today including the likes of Madonna’s prodigy, Britney Spears, and the hotel heiress Paris Hilton. “Only time and fate can tell,” adds one intrigued webmaster of a site dedicated to Nostradamas’s predictions.

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