Normani laughs off the rumors.

Normani Kordei is laughing off speculation that she’s leaving Fifth Harmony or that the band is breaking up.

Last month, Kordei signed a solo deal with S10 Entertainment & Media to manage her side-gigs outside the group. Harmonizers jumped to conclusions, but Normani insists it’s all just Internet chatter; she’s not going anywhere.

“It’s funny because so many people were like, ‘5H is over! Oh my gosh! She’s leaving the group.’ And I’m just sitting in my bed laughing because so many things can be misconstrued and misread and just taken out of context,” she told ET. “I’m like, no, I’m not leaving my group. I would never. We’re on such a high right now. We’re at our peak. It would be dumb at this point, and it’s not what I want to do with my heart and soul. That wasn’t even a thought.”

Kordei explained she got her own manager to “help guide me with whatever it is that I want to do aside from the group,” adding “that’s all it is.”

That makes sense, but is she avoiding the inevitable? Let’s continue to play along.

“I completely cut off social media because I heard so many people were talking about it. Not even in a negative way! There were so many people excited for me and like, ‘We want your music! We want to hear a piece of you!'” she explained. “Because we all have our ******** Harmonizers and then we each have our own fans that gravitate to one girl more. Mine call themselves Normani girls. They’re just very excited for what’s to come.”

As ET points out, the other three remaining members also have solo side-projects, and that’s kind of the secret ingredient for their fierce loyalty to one another. “It’s really special to have a group of women that are confident enough in ourselves that we can be confident in the next person… It’s just cool that we can all support each other, not because we’re forced to or we have to, but because we genuinely love each other and we’re happy. We know that we came into the group as individuals, so we allow each other that individual freedom, but still remembering that the group is [important].”

Normani will go solo in 2018. Bookmark me.

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