A solo star.

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Normani Kordei tests the waters as a solo singer with a new spread in Kode magazine.

It was announced this week that Normani signed a solo management deal, leading Harmonizers to believe her departure is inevitable. It is, and that’s OK. Not long after, Kode released some seriously stunning pictures of the singer with an accompanying interview. She talks about a forthcoming collaboration with Khalid and her greatest accomplishment in 2017.

“Khalid and I have been wanting to work together for some time,” she says. “We actually got into the studio and were excited about a record we wrote together along with Taylor Parks. It was all one huge vibe session. We wanted to create something that our peers would fall in love with. I remember him telling me ‘I want this to be my favorite record, if I were listening, I want it to be something I vibe with that’s just dope,’ which is something I relate to because I listen to our song every day. Issa vibe. But the greatest part of it all is that were genuinely two friends that created something special that were so proud of. We’re in two different countries on tour but we still text each other sometimes like, ‘but that record though…’ Haha. We’re so excited!”

She also offers some words of wisdom for future girl groups. “I would say: Know your worth. It all starts with you as an individual. Before you are able to confidently step out amongst talented striving artists, you have to be happy with yourself. It’s human nature to compare yourself to the next person, which we have all experienced. But through that we recognized that everyone has something special to bring to the table. If you believe in the skin that you’re in and also recognize that other people can shine, you are on the right path. Take time to focus on the qualities that make you feel good about yourself and know that nobody has the power to take that away…AND communication is key – we learned that the hard way.”

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