If it’s one thing I hate – it’s people / places who kick Britney when she’s down, and praise her when she’s up. Makes me think “who the hell are you to have any sort of say on how she’s doing? Where the hell were you last year when she was at her lowest low? Oh yea, debating the latest scandal you stirred up.” Makes me feel, “why were there so few of us, people with a voice, supporting her when she was at her lowest low?” It’s one thing I’ve always hated. Use her for ratings when times are tough, and use her for ratings when times are better. “But Jordaaaan at least they’re being positive lately!” Heh, don’t be fooled – just wait til the next current comes along. They’ll be right back on that bandwagon. [/rant] Check out my favorite, Showbiz Tonight, talking about Britney, how Jamie’s intervention saved her life, her kids, and her comeback. Click below to view.

And what’s with the question mark after “Britney’s Bounce Back?!” *****, there ain’t no question about it. Enjoy?!

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