Go ahead and turn it up.

Go ahead and turn it up.

High school and college seniors everywhere are getting ready for the next chapter in life right now, and Noah Cyrus gave them the perfect soundtrack for it.

On the track, co-written by Cyrus with Emily Warren, Noah unapologetically sings about an epic night out with her friends. “I drank straight to my head / I went outside to smoke a cigarette and I shattered my phone on the cement, but I don’t give a ****,” she croons over a building beat and anthemic oohs. “Nothing lasts forever but wouldn’t it be nice to stay together for the night / We can do whatever as long as we’re together then we’re gonna be alright.”

BreatheHeavy caught up with Warren about her debut single “Hurt By You.” She had this to say about Noah: “I so intensely believe in her… she’s so sick. Her voice… I was in a meeting with her A&R who played me one of the ballads that they have and I started crying in the meeting, which has never happened to me before. Her voice just has so much emotion in it; it’s incredible.”

In the new video for “Stay Together,” Noah and her friends have a blast causing a ruckus around town. They sneak into their high school after hours, break into the pool and gobble up gas station ice cream. Ah, the perfect night when you’re 17.

“I had two of my real life friends featured in the video, and I got to make some new friends,” Noah told The Fader. “My favorite part was spray painting the bathtub!”

This is a song of the summer contender right here. Watch:

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