“You just made the worst mistake, and you’ll regret it, darlin’.”

“You just made the worst mistake, and you’ll regret it, darlin’.”

That is the opening lyric from Noah Cyrus’ new song “Again” featuring rapper ************, and it’s all too true. ************ has been accused of domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, aggravated battery of a pregnant woman as well as charges of witness-tampering. Read about them here. Noah has unknowingly or not aligned herself with a venomous creature capable of inflicting harm on women, and that’s extremely problematic for the rising star; Noah’s fanbase consists of mostly young women.

“Again” is brooding and eerie. Without the harrowing backstory, it’s actually quite good. Noah croons about love over an immersive beat and plunky production beeps. ************ contributes a singing verse. The video finds the singer wandering through a cliffside graveyard.

How did we get here? Noah and ***’s musical success relies heavily on streaming, and it appears their young fanbases aren’t too interested in the repercussions of what a young woman working with an alleged sexual abuser actually means.

Cyrus has yet to offer an explanation for the transaction. When her older sis Miley caused a stir, it was for tongue wagging and **** latex. Noah’s controversy is an entirely different animal, and for a relatively undiscovered artist it could mean career suicide.

“Again” is reportedly off Cyrus’ forthcoming album, NC-17.

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