No Updates Today

August 20, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Hey guys, I am going to a water theme park today, and I’m most likely going to be gone all day. I need to get a tan before school starts 🙂 lol, and my friends are going with me so it should be a lot of fun. I can’t wait, it’s SO hot here in Vegas. Anyway, hopefully my updaters will update news (wink wink 😉 ). If you guys want, ya’ll can post some news in the comments section, that’d be pretty cool. Well see ya tomorow. Most likely I’ll update when I get home although I’ll be DEAD tired, but that’s how much I love Britney :laughing: .

PS – Congrats Carly Patterson on winning Olympic gold in the all-around. Last American woman to win it was 20 years ago by Mary-Lou Retten. Congrats Carly, I’m so proud of you.