It’s official:

Despite receiving word from many sources saying Britney would appear at TRL’s grand finale airing this Sunday, she is definitely not.

According to Brit’s label site “Britney will not be making an appearance at this Sunday’s TRL finale.”

“Britney will not make the TRL finale due to scheduling conflicts” reveals a source to BreatheHeavy.

Maybe we should have gotten the hint when she didn’t show up to the taping yesterday in Times Square in New York City.

But don’t get too bummed! Right after the finale that Britney is not going to, MTV will be airing Britney Fans: For The Record Britney: The Collection – a special that features Britney fans expressing their love and devotion for Miss Britney.

Originally, the episode (which BreatheHeavy announced first several weeks ago. Yes, I’m bragging. What ya gonna do about it) was set to have fans comment on their favorite Britney videos, but due to an overwhelming response, the music network decided to make it entirely about just the fans’ commentary.

The following Monday, November 17th at 1:00 PM, MTV will be airing a second Britney special. An inside source reveals exclusively to that the video special is a countdown of Britney’s best music videos over the last 10 years.

Wait *******, I’m not done yet! November 30th will be the third Britney special set to air on MTV titled Britney: For The Record – an “intimate” documentary in which Britney discusses both her personal and professional life.

That doesn’t mean she couldn’t have recorded a special segment to air! ~What if they premiere the new Circus music video!~

TRL is so 1999 anyway.

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