Britney Spears has finally confirmed her second pregnancy to her mom Lynne a published report claims. And that same report claims Brit’s mom did not take the news well.

Larry Haley writes that after Brit kept the pregnancy under wraps from Lynne for four months before she finally invited mom to her Malibu home for the confession.

She feared her parent’s disapproval the article in the Enquirer reports and it appears her instincts were correct.

“Britney asked her (mom) to come over to the Malibu house because she needed to have a conversation with her,” a source revealed to the weekly tabloid. “Britney had been avoiding getting together with her mom because she expected Lynne would be unhappy with a second pregnancy.”

Brit knows her mom, the report claims the news drove Brit’s mom Lynne to tears.

“(Lynne) just sat there crying while Britney talked about how happy she was,” the source told the mag. “But Britney felt so bad seeing her mother in tears she started to cry as well.”

The rub – according to the report – is that Lynne had hoped Brit would concentrate on her career instead of taking a back seat to husband Kevin Federline’s career ambitions.

Hard to argue. After all Mother knows best.

For the record – there is till no official confirmation of a second Britney pregnancy.

Credit: national ledger

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