Britney Spears is stalked and attacked by the paparazzi at every occasion. Britney cannot even order fast-food, or play at the park with her children without being scrutinized and harassed by the paparazzi. Clearly, this is an invasion to privacy. It is one thing to have pictures of Britney exiting a club, or getting gas. It is another to have paparazzi snap pictures of Britney in rehab through trees and from helicopters. Britney is in rehab partly BEACUSE of the media circus that surrounds her, which is mainly caused by the paparazzi. All fans (and non fans) should sign this petition if not out of respect, out of sympathy. It is disgusting that these agencies continue to add salt to her wounds. This is one of the hardest periods in Britney's life, and she needs all the love and support in the world to get through this. If you want the pictures to stop, you will sign.

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