Kevin Federline lost some weight – and wants everyone to know about it!

“I looked pregnant,” Kevin tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview that aired Thursday night.

“It was upsetting. It’s [usually] easy for me to brush stuff off of my shoulder. [But] when I see a pictures [of me] like that, and people are calling me ‘K- Fat,’ I had to do something about it.”

At 240 lbs., his heaviest ever, Kevin says he put on the weight because of his divorce with Britney, overeating and a slower metabolism.

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

“I loved to eat pizza and pasta, so between not working out, and turning 30 years old, [the weight] started coming on real fast. I had my own mother telling me she’s worried about my health.”

Kevin goes on to say him and “Brit are good!”

“I don’t talk about those things anymore. It’s in the past. We’ve come a long way and I’m happy where we are now. Everyone knows we had a tough road.”

Props to him for losing the weight, though. UGH, did I just say that?

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