Katy Perry’s “like” seen round the world.

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Katy double tapped Taylor Swift’s Instagram post backing the Democratic Party and urging people to vote.

That’s a big deal considering the two pop stars were once former feuds, but it’s all love now! 

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Naturally, Katy was asked to comment on her Instagram like, and she said it’s because Taylor is “setting such a great example.”

There’s video evidence of this precious moment below.

Collab confirmed!



Taylor Swift and Katy Perry make amends!

WOAH! Watch out! That’s a pig flying. Yes, you read the headline right… Taylor and Katy are no longer frenemies.

Taylor posted a video in an Insta-story on Instagram today confirming the news.

Katy sent the Reputation singer a literal olive branch (a symbol of peace) with a handwritten note that read, from what I can make of it, “Hey old friend – I’ve been doing some thinking on past miscommunications and feelings between us and wanted to clear the air…”

Taylor captioned the video “Thank you Katy.”

Swift kicks off the Reputation stadium tour tonight (May 8), and she’s doing so with good vibes.


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Check out the video below:



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