Iggy Azalea confirms Dr. Luke has no involvement on her Quavo-assisted new song “Savior.”

Iggy Azalea confirms Dr. Luke has no involvement on her Quavo-assisted new song “Savior.”

On Thursday morning, lyrics website Genius claimed Dr. Luke co-wrote and co-produced Iggy’s new tune, and it lit the Internet ablaze.

It also reportedly appeared in the writing credits section on Tidal.

Artists have steered clear of working with Dr. Luke in light of Kesha’s sexual abuse lawsuit against him. The pop star was one of the pioneers of the global #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and over the last year some seriously rich and powerful men have been exposed as a response. Dr. Luke continues to proclaim his innocence, but his presence in music has severely diminished.

It’s not a good look to work with an alleged ******, so when it was believed Iggy collaborated with Luke, there was some serious backlash. Fortunately, this is not the case. Genius has since removed his name off their website and issued an apology for the mistake.

Iggy also took a moment to clear the air. “It’s produced by circuit and another kid MHL who have production agreements with Luke. Their deals and who they are tied in with business wise in no way make ME “working” with Dr Luke. Try again.”

It’s worth mentioning that Iggy and Kesha are friends. In 2016, Iggs took Kesha horseback riding as a way to take the pop star’s mind off of the legal troubles. It’d be a huge slap if she did in fact work with Luke. Glad to hear he’s not in the mix!

“It is not a record about you needing a man or a woman to come and save you in a relationship,” Iggy says in a new behind-the-scenes clip (see below). “It’s about you being your own savior and finding your own strength within yourself to figure it the f–k out.”

“Savior” is out at midnight:



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