No Crediting Situation

August 20, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Since I brought up the hotlinking issue, I have not found one person hotlinking, so I will talk about this issue that is bugging me as well. I am not really pleased by this…I’m sorry, but some sites out there, you simply are not crediting…ever. I don’t see what the big deal is about it, by putting up a name, is not going to give that site any more hits, none. It simply makes your site look cheesey, and very immature. I’m not just talking about my site either. I see tons of sites out there that should be getting credit, when they simply aren’t, and it is just so uncool, and unfair. I purposly make spelling errors, adjustments to see if other sites aren’t crediting, and I go to your site, and see the exact same spelling mistake… coincidence? I think not, it’s just you being a jerk, and not crediting. You know who you are, please change this, I’m sure it’ll make the britney-world less competitive. Thanks for reading.