Target hits the mark.

Target hits the mark with new Britney era T-shirts.

The final few days of summer are slipping away, and it’s time to retire our go-to going out tanks. That’s quite upsetting, but Target has saved the day. They recently began selling men’s T-shirts with Britney Spears’ Britney album photo on the front for only $12.99 per shirt. Somehow this feels ILLEGAL (reference), but they’re not only available in physical stores, but can be purchased online as well. They’ve actually been selling since June, but the Britney Army was too focused on the pop star’s Piece Of Me world tour to take notice until now.

Here’s the link to order one. Best BELIEVE homeboy purchased one before sharing the news with y’all #BeALittleSelfish.

Fans on their A-game who’ve already purchased one took to social media to show it off.

Thanks Target, ya really outdid yaself. #britney #targetknowswhatsup

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Some fans are upset their stores sold-out.

If your store is sold-out, do not fear. They can be ordered online and shipped directly to you.

What kind of flawlessness? Target gets huge props for this. They were one of the first billion dollar companies to merge their children’s toy section to be gender neutral, and now they’re offering pop star shirts for men (for the record, they also launched one of the late singer Selena as well).

I knew this place was special, but I did not realize it was a temple for the Holy Spearit. Very impressive.

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