Cooper says they’re just rumors, but is it?


Bradley Cooper denies Beyonce is starring in a remake of the classic “A Star Is Born.”

Cooper’s reportedly seeking a comeback after starring in two poor-selling films, chef drama “Burnt” and Cameron Crowe’s “Aloha.” Early rumors claimed the American Sniper star landed the male lead in Clint Eastwood’s now-scrapped version of the project, but most recently it is believed he will star and direct it and enlisted the help of Beyonce to star in it.

“Beyoncé is a go,” a source told Page Six of Cooper’s remake of the 1937 version of the film. “He’s out to find the rest of the cast, but he may take another acting role [in the meantime]. He’s furiously making everything he can.”

It sounded promising, but Cooper confirms it’s all chatter.

“Just a rumor,” Cooper told E! News. “But with that said, I would be honored obviously with to work with her in any capacity.”

The film was remade in 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason, then again in 1976 with Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand.

In November, Beyonce attended a mysterious script reading, alongside actor Jorge Ortiz, who Tweeted a caption that sounded like Beyonce is producing/directing something, not starring in it.

Perhaps Cooper is just throwing us off?

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