Right now is the worst time ever to glamorize guns.


Right now is the worst time ever to glamorize guns.

Good intentions or not, Heaton’s “Bad Intentions” music video revolves around gun crime, and in light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, Istanbul and the opposition from congress to enforce stricter gun laws, not to mention the hundreds killed by guns in local disputes, I wished she chose an alternate storyline.

In her new Daps-directed music video, which Idolator points out is her first ever, the Instagram bombshell uses her blazing hot body to manipulate three men into a heated fire-arm exchange. It’s gripping how the 21-year-old gazes at herself in the mirror, yet there’s nothing **** about it.

The feminist in me is sad she uses her breasts and **** to distract men into a shoot-out so she can steal wads of cash from them. The music editor in me respects a solid concept. Unfortunately for her, it’s so distracting it takes away from how dope the song is.


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