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What Selena’s heart wants is some thumping dance music.

It’s been a busier day than most in Selena Gomez news, after word that she’d registered two new songs broke, a truckload of new remixes of “The Heart Wants What It Wants” dropped this afternoon over on Soundcloud, courtesy of heavy-weight DJs Dave Aude and DJ Laszio.

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The predictably brilliant Dave Aude offers a moody, pulsating dance reinvention of last year’s melancholy (and still amazing) ballad, which shines with it’s glittering synths and dance-floor-ready beat. Selena and Dave are no strangers; he’s remixed a bunch of her tracks over the years, including 2013’s “Come And Get It” and her ruthlessly under-appreciated ode to Jenna Maroney, “Naturally” (a moment of silence for The Scene, please.)

DJ Laszio (who also reworked “Come And Get It” too) gives us something slightly different with a legitimate trap dub (!!) of the Bieber-inspired track which for reasons unbeknownst to even me actually works. Like, really works. To be frank, it bares remarkably little similarity to the original song (which may be why it works) but at it’s core, it’s brilliant dance music done well. His club remix is arguably less effective, it takes a far lighter route than Aude’s offering and a lot of the song’s punch gets lost along the way. Sure, the production is pretty much flawless, but the track’s basic identity is collateral damage in the process.

Why Hollywood Records has either slept on these mixes since November or not had them produced until now is unclear, but this may give the song a boost in the charts. Peaking at a very respectable number 6 on the Hot 100 following Selena’s emotional performance at the AMAs (thank you, Jesus). The song has held onto the top 20 since, sitting pretty at number 14. Are these remixes realistically going to push “The Heart Wants What It Wants” past it’s peak and crack the top 5? Doubtful. They are brilliant though, so add them to your getting-ready playlist on Soundcloud. Just make sure they don’t get you too emotional – no one likes a crier, especially if you’re going to your BFF’s birthday party.

Check them out below:

What do you think? Are you loving Dave or are you here for Laszio?