Britney’s Las Vegas residency gig with Caesars Entertainment is almost a done deal, but at the last minute a Vegas nightclub group wants Britney to commit to a series of nightclub performances, including their next venue opening later this year on The Strip, reports the Las Vegas Sun.

Brit’s management, including her new talent agency CAA, conducted private meetings over the weekend, can exclusively report.

Her team secretly checked out the venue to ensure it could adequately accommodate a ~Britney Spears~ performance, and it’s said money is not an issue.

“Executives have a ‘big interest’ in Britney tailor making a nightclub show as the first of a number of continuing and rotating intimate mini-concert performances by pop stars… Britney would host special VIP party events as the discussions continue.”

This latest gig would financially exceed the Planet Hollywood deal, so it’s up to Britney what she’d rather do.

Regardless, negotiations continue with Caesar’s Entertainment for 35-45 weekend shows over two years.

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