It might surprise you.

Nicole Scherzinger Makes One Huge Confession About The Pussycat Dolls

Even though Melody Thornton had a few occasions to shine, Nicole Scherzinger was the golden child of the Pussycat Dolls. With that said, it seems like Scherzy didn’t enjoy her time in the spotlight as much as she should have.

During a chat with HuffPost Live, the brunette beauty compared her time with the group and the territory that comes with being a solo star, confessing that she simply didn’t have the opportunity to bask in the group’s success.

I wasn’t able to enjoy it…I was too focused on the work, too focused on ‘What’s the next single? What’s the next hit? What’s the next vision?’ And then solo wise, I had matured a lot more, so even though it might not have been as big of a success in sales, I felt like I was more liberated and just got to be me and do me.”

And yet, while Nicole’s priorities at the time revolved around the politics of the group’s brand, she admitted that she’s not opposed to giving things another try and reuniting with the Dolls.

Fans of PCD basically walk a similar territory as Danity Kane fans. Both groups ended in unfortunate ways with bandmates pitted against one another. Even though Nicole apologized to her former PCD sisters, there’s still so much more that needs answering. As public and diplomatic as Scherzinger has been with the past, it’d be refreshing to hear one of the other members give us a little dose of real talk. Most importantly, I would love to hear someone finally explain WTF happened during this performance of “Buttons” at the 2006 American Music Awards. I mean … Seriously?

Watch Nicole reminiscence about the good ol’ times below:

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