Heads up, PCD fans!

Ladies and gents, Nicole Scherzinger has a message to share with her former Pussycat Doll members, and if you’re still bumping to “Buttons” eight years later, you might want to listen up.

Speaking with Event Magazine, Sherzy admitted she distanced herself from her PCD fam because of her struggle with bulimia. Asked who she’d like to apologize to for not opening up, Nicole told the magazine it would have to be her singing sisters.

“There were a lot of moments when I was with them that I was distant and stand-offish,” she said. “I never opened up to them to talk about my problems and I would shut myself away – and push them away – because I was battling this horrible secret illness, bulimia.”

Scherzinger says that “it was all wrapped up with my low self-esteem and a crippling lack of confidence.” It’s taken awhile for the singer to deal with these issues, but it appears that’s she’s in a much better place in her life.

Nicole’s road to solo stardom has been a long and tough one. Despite having all the makings of a superstar, none of her solo material has, erm, stuck the way things did with PCD. With an apology out in the air, it only encourages our wish to see Nicole reunite with PCD. Aside from Fifth Harmony, the industry could really use a girl group who knows how to whip out some killer dance tracks and intense choreo. Only time will tell, but for old times sakes, who could forget this OMG moment when the band opened up for B’s Circus tour?

Let’s hope that Melody has moved from those feelings, and is has no ill feelings for Nicole either.

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